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Hello lovely people! Welcome to my first ever giveaway~

In celebration of Exo’s new “mini” album, I’ve decided to do a “mini” giveaway ^^

There will be ONE winner who will receive:

  • EXO K Overdose mini album*
  • EXO M Overdose mini album*
  • Overdose group poster (unfolded)
  • One pair of…
Please Read, i know it’s long but it’s very important (If you really don’t want to read at least scroll to the end of the post)


Hello Exo fans from all over the world

       We are now facing a grave crisis. You are all well aware of what nightmare have been thrown at us. This situation has divided the fandom and caused many confusions between Kris, the members and us. The “We are one” is being destroyed as many are taking sides. We are turning against each other and the members are allegedly doing the same. Our unity has been shattered. Many of us are fighting the wrong ennemy. Who is at the origin of all this mess? Plenty would say Kris and again threaten our unity by rejecting a part of what used to be the source of our laughs, smiles, hope, dreams and tears. Some may not understand his choice but it doesn’t erase all the things we have have seen and known about him.

    No our ennemy isn’t Kris. The culprit behind all this pain and the destruction of our oneness is SM Entertainment. Please don’t let your emotions cloud youu judgement. Think about it, if everything wasgoing fine, why would he go through such a hard procedure to try and leave? This is not the first time he tried to leave nor is he the first to go through this motion. To those who have been kpop fans for a long time like myself this is just like watching a re-run of a very bad movie. SM entertainment is infamous for pushing some idols to the breaking point until they can’t take anymore and leave. Let’s take a look at some groups that went through the same issues.

  1. TVXQ/DB5K

- In 2008 Three members filled a lawsuit to end their contracts and became the current JYJ. It has been discovered they had "slave contracts" During the months that followed the event, the members were not allowed to contact each other, the three had to move out and worst of it all, SM entertainment forced Yunho and Changmin to say they didn’t know anything about the lawsuit when it was proved that they in fact knew. That is to show how SM entertainment controls everything idols say when such issues arise because they are trying to limit the damage. Until this day JYJ is still been black listed and hardly appear in the medias.

    2.  Super Junior

- Super Junior is the group who has the closest situation to what Exo is experiencing now. They debuted as 15 and our now 13. In 2009 he filled a lawsuit against SME to terminate his contract, citing that the 13-year contract was unlawful, overly restrictive, and unfair. His arguments include being forced to do things outside of his contract and being refused sick leave, which led to kidney illness. More informations

Please note that his case is really similar to Kris’s, though Kris also wanted more acting opportunities.

I am only giving you two examples as they are the most recent, but same issues happened with H.O.T and Shinhwa though the context was a bit different since their contract had already expired but to sum up they only wanted to keep some members while letting others go, but if the group wanted to go together they had to let go of their name and both groups were blocked during their first years post-SM.

        Now, if an apple falls of a tree before maturation, we will say that this apple was rotten. But if several apples fall of the same tree wouldn’t it mean that there is something wrong with the tree itself? That is has been infected? Of course there will always be some apples that survive because they are stronger or have been exposed to this infection long enough to have developped a better immune system, but it is not the case for all. Some apples won’t be able to handle so much and will end up falling.

       We have been played by SM entertainment so many times. They always manage to make us turn against that idol we loved by manipulating our feelings using the other members. That is called damage control and it is done by a very qualified PR team ( Just think about how many times this campany has managed to get out of the worst scandals).

To begin, When the scandal erupted Exo members, Chanyeol, Tao, Luhan, Sehun who used to follow Kris, unfollowed him right away and simultaneously. Then Sehun posted the picture of a question mark, and Chanyeol the new Exo symbol with “Reward virtue/good and punish the bad/evil”.

Kris liked Sehun post as if saying he doesn’t understand what is happening either.

Tao’s post on instagram : “The road is long, you can go wherever you want, decisions cannot be made by others. Facts are always being concealed from the public, perhaps the public will favour the minority but that is not the truth. The truth will only be understood by people who have experienced these things. For example, our 11 members, SM and the staff. But outside, people have been reversing the good and bad. You will not be feeling emotions of being betrayed and after being betrayed everyone takes the side of the betrayer.You can all have your own views and standpoints, but i still want to say the wrong and right are clear, we have a clear conscience. A person wants to go, cannot stop, will find ways to escape so the escape is successful. In the case of of our unawareness, expectedly still hiding from us and the company still not returning. Ambitions will be accompanied by many people but I hope every person can put it to good use. Practicing until head is full of sweat, then suddenly finding out that a person will not come back. The concert will prepare again with 11 members, so tiring. EXO 사랑하자~”

Pay attention to those expressions who are clearly pointing fingers and trying to make us hate kris who is the “bad” who tried to ge when the other members were suffering “practicing” if this is not trying to make us choose sides then i don’t know what that is.

Tao’s posts on weibo : “I’m exo’s member tao, instagram and weibo posts were by me. there’s no need to hide anything.” “paper can’t contain fire (the truth will eventually be revealed), what’s right will always be right, and what’s wrong will always be wrong. some people like to twist the truth, some will choose to believe the twisted truth. but smart people will neither twist the truth nor believe the twisted truth.”

It is said that the members phones have been confiscated.image

Baekhyun managed to hide his and he was slapped by a staff member (this is still not confirmed but not unlikely).

Then some people apparently saw Tao follow Kris then unfollow him again. I didn’t see it so i can’t say for sure. But it could very well be Tao following Kris to show his support and SM unfollowing him once again.

Tao’s most recent weibo post : “A lot of what people see is not the truth. A lot of people like to stand on the side of the minority. A lot of people are not willing to believe the reality. A lot of people wish that a certain person will be able to walk with us to the very end, look at the silver ocean and walk together, but that very person has left us. I hope everything’s well for you. EXO jiayou~ We love you all, there is nothing in this world that is impossible to us! No matter what happens.”

Same message again.

It is exactly the same message they are trying to make us believe

Chanyeol : ” "Reward virtue/good and punish the bad/evil".

Tao: “The good and the bad”

Some members have been trying to tell us many times that it is not them. image

He is a Chinese SM trainee, here is his twitter,

Suho speech after the win : “Thank you M!Countdown for giving us this reward. Thank you EXO fans and many others. It’s Teacher’s Day, so thank you teacher Lee Soo Man. We won’t forget your kindness. And our lovely EXO members, truly, I love you all. ‘We Are One,’ and like our chant, we’ll become EXO who thinks about EXO together and not just ourselves individually, who thinks of EXO, who thinks of EXO fans. We’ll work hard. Thank you. WE ARE ONE! EXO, I love you!”

suho in the waiting room at ‘Mnet mcountdown’: “Our members discussed this together. we still can’t understand kris’ actions. everyone was taken aback and have mixed feelings. (kris’ actions) are inconsiderate and irresponsible towards exo. there are no problems between our members and our company. what kris should do now is cancel the lawsuit and apologize to the company and our members.”

Everyone knows Kris wanted to leave for a long time.

I’m still having troubles thinking Suho would just shade Kris like that. But then again if there wasn’t any problems with SM and that it was all Kris’s selfishness and greediness why whould so many SM idols unfollow SMtownglobale on Twitter? Here are the idols that did : Onew (SHINee) Seohyun (SNSD) BoA, Eunhyuk and Ryeowook (Super Junior). These idols are very close to EXO.

Do you see the common point between all these supposed posts? Instead of trying to clear up the situation, showing sadness but rather anger, some kind of strange resignation and are all trying to turn us against Kris by putting the blame solely on him. Members share a very strong bond because they have gone through thick and thin together. Here is a video of Heechul( Super Junior) the concert right after Hangeng departure. Do you want this for Exo too?

         Would they really just abondon Kris like that? Even if they felt confused and betrayed? Would they throw him under the bus? You have all seen what close relationship some members such as Chanyeol, Tao, Sehun and Luhan share with Kris. He is their “older brother”, they always said how much they admired him. Think about the current rookies. This can’t become a never ending cycle.

        Let’s not take one side between the members but rather fight on the same side as all the members. There are always discords in a family but when a member is threatened a family always come together to protect each other against outsiders. Our 12 boys are young men with their dreams, aspirations, feras. They are sensitive and probably feel like the whole world has fallen on them now. But we most be strong and show them that we have learned. That “We are one” are not just simple words that are carelessly thrown, “we are one” is not conditional.

        This is where i am trying to get. Let’s not give up. Now is not the time to cry and to lament. Right now our boys need us more than ever. We can’t just sit back behind a screen and be passive. We are not objects that are easily manipuled, walking wallets. We have to take actions and do all that we can to save EXO, to protect our “One”. Let’s not let SM win this time like they did with TVXQ and Super Junior. You guys know we are a very powerful fandom. Our greatess strengh is our number. We were able to buy a million albums ( which is something spectacular nowadays with illegal downloads). We were able to flood the boys with our love on instagram now it’s time to flood SM entertainment with revendications. Let’s show SM entertainment that they shouldn’t mess with us or our boys. All of this mess is their fault, we can’t let the wrong person pay. They have hurt Kris and this way hurt all of us. This is why i am calling all of you. We need the whole fandom for this to work. I know a lot of us want to wait for explainations but we do not have the time anymore. Guys we have to mobilize now! We are putting our chances of keeping our 12 boys together on the line. If Kris really goes maybe Exo will survive but they will be deeply wounded and scared. Kris wants to nullify his contract but if we manage to get SM entertainement to renegotiate his contract, give him more rights and acting activities as well as more rest it is possible that he will stay. We must put pressure on SM entertainment. We will fight the only way we can:

Let’s mass boycott SM Entertainment

1-Do not buy SM entertainment’s products or at least postpone your purchases until this is settled. Do not support them when they are clearly not supporting 12EXO.

2-Unfollow SM entertainment on all social medias:


- Youtube : SMTown

-Facebook : SMTown

-Kakaotalk and Line.

3- Please Sign this petition : Petition

4-Post on Exo’s youtube videos, the members instagram, weibo, kakaotalk, mention SM Entertainment on all social medias and post this same message “We are one. Exo are 12. SM is 11”. You can add your own message too.

The aim is for us to be seen. We are the custumers, we have the power. Their sells depend on us. It is for SM entertainment to know that we will not just sit there like good dogs and get led on by them as our fandom and group is been torned apart. This time SM entertainment won’t get away easily.

Please help spread this message. If others fandoms and kpop fans want to participate please do. The more we are the better.

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exo’s comeback and luhan’s birthday are just around the corner!! i’m so excited about both that i’m holding a giveaway!

initially i had slightly different giveaway plans but tumblr ruined them so i’ll just do it the traditional way


  • 3 winners! first winner gets both the m&k version of the comeback album, second winner get’s to pick one version and the third winner gets whichever version is left…you know the drill ^^
  • in case the albums come with posters those will obviously be included for all winners and shipped in tube cases and not folded
  • prizes will be shipped internationally so anyone can enter~
  • will include a handful of other things in the package, maybe some nature republic lip balms or standees? i’m open to suggestions!
  • giveaway ends on exo’s comeback show date a.k.a. 140415! 


  • reblog to enter
  • be considerate of your followers but otherwise there is no reblog limit
  • no giveaway blogs - i will check!
  • winners will be picked randomly
  • keep your ask box open! i will contact you through there
  • don’t have to follow me but it would be nice if you did
good luck to everyone! 

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